Strategic Planning Task Force

The Strategic Planning Task Force is charged to develop a draft of the University’s next 5-year strategic plan.

The Task Force shall review the current strengths and weaknesses of the institution and develop goals and objectives that take both in to consideration.  Resources such as the Strategic Resource Allocation reports, the National Survey of Student Engagement, Admissions survey data, the ongoing study of the four-credit course system, and other similar materials will be used to inform the work of the Task Force and to streamline the process.

This plan will be highly strategic in nature, containing a very limited number of focused goals, along with a list of measurable objectives for each.  The plan will bring laser focus on initiatives that will enhance institutional prominence while building fiscal strength.  Objectives will be categorized as short term, mid-term, and long-term, and will serve as a road map to the future of the institution.  The plan will also provide a way to easily measure progress.  The adopted plan will be used to guide all future budget allocations decisions, as well as the continued development of a capital construction plan.

UMW Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Visitors, February 2016 – UMW 2020 (Feb 2016)

The members of the Task Force would like to thank all the UMW community for their input and assistance in the creation of this document.

Members of the Task Force

Jonathan Levin, Provost and Task Force co-chair

Debra Schleef, Professor of Sociology and Task Force co-chair

John Broome, Assistant Professor of Education

Leah Cox, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion & Omsbudperson

Susan Fernsebner, Associate Professor of History

Alan Griffith, Professor of Biology

Betsy Lewis, Professor of Spanish

Ken Machande, Associate Dean, College of Business

Michael Morley, Office Manager, Department of Music

Doug Searcy, Vice President of Student Affairs

Gregg Stull, Professor of Theatre

Charles Tate, Student Success Coordinator

Marty Wilder, Chief of Staff

Samantha Worman, Student Government Association President

SharePoint link for Strategic Planning Task Force (access restricted to members of the Task Force)