Summer Session Policies

As revised, November 6, 2019.

Summer Session Course Compensation Policies

  • The enrollment minimum for a class to run at full salary will be nine (9) students
  • Courses with an enrollment of less than seven (7) students will be cancelled.
  • Courses with an enrollment of seven (7) or eight (8) students may be offered at a pro-rated salary.
  • The pro-rating amount is standardized at 75% of what would have been the full salary had the class achieved the necessary minimum enrollment.
  • The final decision date for cancellation of a course will be one week prior to the start of the summer term (rather than the current two weeks prior to the start of the term).

These additional features of past summer session procedures remain in effect

  • Notification to students of all summer-session course cancellations will be handled by the Registrar’s office.
  • Full-time faculty are paid at a rate of 2.5% per credit hour times the person’s annual base salary, or $1,500 per credit (whichever amount is higher). The $2,333 per credit cap, introduced five years ago, remains in place.
  • Adjunct faculty who teach in the summer session are paid in accordance with the established Adjunct Compensation Scale.

Compensation for supervision of summer individual study and internship credits:

  • $75 per student credit hour for internships supervised.
  • $150 per credit hour for undergraduate individual studies.
  • $250 per credit hour for graduate individual studies.

Individual studies go by a variety of names (such as historical research, directed study, senior project, etc.); all instances involving student research under the guidance/mentorship/direction of the sponsoring faculty member will be eligible for the individual study payment. As in prior years (and by decision of the College of Education), please note that Master’s thesis supervision, Master’s action research projects, and internships in the College of Education are excluded from this policy (because different protocols are followed for these forms of “individual work.”)

Additional details are available in the full summer session compensation policy.