Faculty and Committee Meeting Dates

Schedule of meeting dates for 2022-2023 as updated on September 9, 2022. Check back for updates and changes.


T, Aug 16 (9 a.m.) President Troy Paino’s “All University” Opening Address


W, Jan 18 (4 p.m.) President Troy Paino’s “All University” Opening Address

2022-2023 General Faculty Meetings
Tuesday, August 16 @ 10:00 am Opening meeting of the faculty
Wednesday, February 8 @ 4:00 pm Tentative (only if needed)
Wednesday, April 19 @ 4:00 pm Closing meeting of the faculty


2022-2023 University Faculty Council Meeting Schedule
Tuesday, August 16 Organizational Meeting
Friday, August 19 Additional UFC time if needed
August 22-September 9 Committee Meetings
M, September 12 Materials Due
W, September 14 Agenda Released
M, September 19 Department/College Meetings
W, September 21 UFC Meeting
September 22-October 7 Committee Meetings
M, October 10 Materials Due
W, October 12 Agenda Released
M, October 17 Department/College Meetings
W, October 19 UFC Meeting
October 20-November 15 Committee Meetings
W, November 16 Materials Due
M, November 21 Agenda Released
M, November 28 Department/College Meetings
W, November 30 UFC Meeting
January – Curriculum Action Meeting
November 31-January 6 Committee Meetings
Monday, January 9 Materials Due
Wednesday, January 11 Agenda Released
Friday, January 13 Department/College Meetings
Friday, January 20 UFC Meeting
February 3 Committee Meetings
Monday, February 6 Materials Due
Wednesday, February 8 Agenda Released
Monday, February 13 Department/College Meetings
Wednesday, February 15 UFC Meeting
March – Faculty Handbook Changes Meeting
February 16-March 10 Committee Meetings
Monday, March 13 Materials Due
Wednesday, March 15 Agenda Released
Monday, March 20 Department/College Meetings
Wednesday, March 22 UFC Meeting
March 23-March 31 Committee Meetings
Monday, April 3 Materials Due
Wednesday, April 5 Agenda Released
Monday, April 10 Department/College Meetings
Wednesday, April 12 UFC Meeting
Wednesday, April 19 General Faculty Meeting
Friday, April 21 Last Day of Classes
Tuesday, May 2 Grades Due
Saturday, May 6 Commencement


2022-2023 CAS Department Chair Meetings
Monday, August 15 @9:00 — New chair orientation
Monday, August 15 @ noon
Monday, September 26
Monday, October 24
Monday, November 21
Monday, January 23
Monday, February 20
Monday, March 27



From the Faculty Handbook, § Meeting Schedules

University committees determine their own meeting schedules. Committee meetings should be coordinated with the UFC and the college faculty meeting schedule that is developed by the Provost’s office in collaboration the UFC leadership and the presiding officers of the college governing bodies. The schedule of UFC and college governing body meetings is announced by July 1 of each year. The committee chairs will announce the schedule for their meetings no later than August 30 each year.

COLLEGE COMMITTEES to be determined by the governing bodies for each of the separate college faculties.

The suggestion is to schedule University Committee meetings at least two weeks prior to the date of an upcoming UFC meeting. This will allow time to finalize actions and upload materials by the UFC agenda deadline.