Resources for Faculty

In addition to the reports listed under the option for Higher Education Topics, the following documents may be of interest to all faculty.

Interim Report from the Governor’s Commission on Higher Education

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Read about the proposals offered for increasing economic opportunity, promoting reform, and enhancing higher education access.

Virginia Higher Education Faculty Salary and Cost of Living Study

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Background on the study: George Mason University began an initiative to build a case in support of their effort to get the state to recognize that when establishing the 60th percentile target for faculty salaries, cost of living should be a factor. GMU started making the case with SCHEV about a year and one-half ago and asked UMW to be a part of the effort.

An early version of the faculty salary report just included GMU, UMW, NOVA and Germanna Community College. SCHEV indicated that all state institutions of higher education would need to be addressed in such a report.

A consultant (The Segal Group) was hired and, after many meetings and discussions, the report available above was produced. Dr. Bob Rycroft (Economics Department) and Rick Hurley represented UMW on the group that worked with the consultant. The report is about to be sent to SCHEV. While it is unclear at this point what use SCHEV will make of it, Rick Hurley asked that the report be shared with faculty. Should there be a formal response to the report and its recommendations, those developments will be shared with the faculty.


University of Mary Washington NCHEMS Productivity Analyses

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In a study dated September 2010, the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) undertook a review of the Virginia higher education institutions relative to each institution’s SCHEV-approved peer group. This is a summary of NCHEMS data as they pertain to the University of Mary Washington.


Higher Education Productivity under Restructuring (report to Virginia House Appropriations Committee)

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The report was one of a number presented recently to the House Appropriations Committee.