Academic Program and CIP Codes

University of Mary Washington – Approved Academic Programs and Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Codes

The following programs as approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia constitute the University’s approved academic program inventory.

Four-Year Bachelor’s Degrees

Degree Program Program Name CIP Code
B.A. Anthropology 45.0201
B.A. Art History 50.0703
BLS Bachelor of Liberal Studies 24.0199
B.S. Biology 26.0101
B.S. Business Administration 52.0201
B.S. Chemistry 40.0501
B.A. Classics 16.1200
B.A. Communication and Digital Studies 09.0100
B.S. Computer Science 11.0101
B.S. Economics 45.0601
BSED Elementary Education 13.1202
B.A. English 23.0101
B.S. Environmental Science and Geology 40.9999
B.A./B.S. General Liberal Arts and Sciences 24.0101
B.A. Geography 45.0701
B.A. Historic Preservation 30.1201
B.A. History 54.0101
B.A. International Affairs 45.0901
B.S. Mathematics 27.0101
B.A. Modern Foreign Languages 16.0101
B.A. Music 50.0901
BSN Nursing 51.3801
B.A. Performing Arts 50.0101
B.A. Philosophy and Religious Studies 38.9999
B.S. Physics 40.0801
B.A. Political Science 45.1001
B.S. Psychology 42.0101
B.A. Sociology 45.1101
B.A. Studio Art 50.0799

Master’s Degrees

Degree Program Program Name CIP Code
MBA Business Administration 52.0201
M.Ed. Education 13.0101
MS Elementary Education 13.1202
MS Geospatial Analysis 45.0702


Award Program Name CIP Code
CERT Contracts and Procurement 52.0202
CERT Geographic Information Science 45.0799
CERT Information Security 11.0401
CERT Project Management 52.0205
CERT Teaching English as a Second Language 13.1401
CERT Teaching Students with Autism 13.1099