Monroe Hall Relocations for Spring 2024

Monroe Hall is closed for the spring 2024 semester due to a roof reconstruction. Classes previously scheduled in Monroe Hall have been relocated to classrooms in other buildings starting Monday, Feb. 5. Faculty offices have also been reassigned to other locations on campus.

Please see the details below for updated locations of faculty offices (by department).

Room changes for classes will likely continue throughout the week. Please log into the student information system for updates before attending class. Students should check email and Canvas for any additional updates from instructors.

Faculty Office Location for Spring 2024

Dept Last First Building Room
HISA Ferrell Claudine Woodard 233
HISA Fernsebner Sue Woodard 144
HISA Michie Ian Woodard 144
HISA Devlin Erin Woodard 140
HISA Al-Tikriti Nabil Woodard 140
HISA Harris Steve Woodard 139
HISA Moon Krystyn Woodard 139
HISA Mackintosh Will Woodard 136
HISA Sellers Jason Woodard 136
GEOG Nicholas Joe Jepson 462
GEOG Yin Ping Jepson 435B
GEOG Rouhani Farhang Jepson 433
GEOG Patterson Melina Jepson 433
GEOG Millones Marco Jepson 429
GEOG Bowen Dawn Jepson 232
GEOG Hanna Steve Jepson 233
GEOG Gallagher Jackie Jepson 234
GEOG Finlayson Caitie Farmer 46
GEOG Disla Carlos Jepson 433
GEOG Rogers Nick Jepson 433
GEOG Schaffer Steve Jepson 429
GEOG Lehane Matthew Jepson 435B
SOAN Martin Leslie Combs 355
SOAN Marsh Kristin Combs 356
SOAN Citeroni Tracy 1201 WMST 15
SOAN Kim Nora 1201 WMST 16
SOAN James Jason 1201 WMST 18
SOAN Gable Eric 1201 WMST 18
SOAN Sisk Justin 1201 WMST 18
SOAN Mentore Laura 1201 WMST 19
SOAN Bonds Eric 1201 WMST 19
PSIA Williams Christopher Combs 303
PSIA Lester Emile Combs 331
PSIA Litchfield Ben Combs 336
PSIA Singh Ranjit 1201 WMST 22
PSIA McDonald Jared 1201 WMST 24
PSIA Martinez Melissa 1201 WMST 25
PSIA Leu Guanyi 1201 WMST 25
PSIA Cooperman Rosalyn 1201 WMST 28
PSIA Davidson Jason 1201 WMST 28