Annual Evaluation Calendar

Final Annual Evaluation Calendar for 2019-20

Page last updated on June 11, 2019




NOTE:   The §§ references are to the relevant sections of the University Faculty Handbook.
FAARs, modified APWF’s (for 2018-19), and special assignment performance reviews submitted to chairs/supervisors (§§6.2 – 6.5)

May 15, 2019

peer review materials (§§–2) available for examination by peer reviewers (in departments doing peer review)
until August 30, 2019
optional annotations of course evaluation results submitted to chairs (§§ August 30, 2019
APWF (for 2019-2020 year) submitted to department chair September 3, 2019
peer reviews if required (§ submitted to chairs September 9, 2019
department chair evaluation commentaries (§ submitted to dean September 9, 2019

chair-faculty conferences/negotiation as specified in departmental plan

starting September 10, 2019

all departmental materials (§ submitted to dean; APRs (with evaluation level) and FAARS are be given to the dean even if they are not yet signed by the faculty member

September 13, 2019

Chair-Dean conferences/negotiation (§§–4); All signed APRs (with evaluation level) and FAARs are to be given to the dean at least one week prior to the scheduled chair-dean conference.  Chair-faculty conferences/negotiations must be completed before the chair submits all departmental materials to the dean.

September 18 – October 17, 2019

letters of exception (§ submitted to dean and Provost, respectively

October 25, 2019

written resolutions completed (§

November 8, 2019
Modification of the APWF (for the 2019-20 year) approved by chair and dean
May 15, 2020