Sabbaticals, Jepson Fellows, and Other Leaves

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Jepson Fellowships are open to full-time junior faculty members (persons at the rank of assistant or associate professor) who will have had at least three years of full-time faculty service at UMW by the time the fellowship would commence. A person may receive a Jepson Fellowship only once, may not apply for one if she/he has submitted an application for promotion to professor, and may not apply simultaneously for a Jepson Fellowship and a sabbatical.

Those applying for sabbatical leave must be tenured full-time members of the instructional faculty and have completed, by the time of the leave, six years of full-time teaching at the University or six years of full-time teaching after the completion of a previous sabbatical leave. A person may not apply simultaneously for a sabbatical and a Jepson Fellowship.

The category other leaves pertains to sick leave, infant care leave, and leave of absence without pay requests.

Please note the application dates for Jepson Fellowships and sabbaticals. Applications for other leaves are accepted on a rolling basis, once it becomes apparent to the faculty member that a leave of some sort is required. Faculty are requested to submit the required written request for sick leave, infant care leave, or leave without pay as soon as it is apparent that a leave will be needed. In this way, the necessary approvals may be obtained in a timely fashion.