Compensation Study


Consultant Reports

Stan McKnight and Drew Brock of Stan McKnight and Associates made two “town hall” presentations of the results of (1) a faculty compensation study and (2) a separate study of administrative/professional faculty compensation. Relevant documents from those presentations are available at the links below:

UMW_Faculty Comp Study 081711 presentation
Faculty Scales Final
UMW_AP Comp Study 081711 presentation

Message From President Rick Hurley, September 2, 2011

Dear Teaching and Administrative Faculty:

Again, I want to thank all of you for your participation in the compensation study process. The consultants reports for each of the compensation studies are now posted for your information. Still pending are the Administrative Faculty position grade assignments. I expect to receive additional recommendations from the Administrative Faculty Compensation Steering Committee within the next few weeks and will also make those available, as promised. Your leadership, thoughtful discussions, and feedback have been invaluable and will continue to make a difference as we now translate these results into effective compensation strategies.

Rick Hurley


As President Rick Hurley announced at the “University Assembled” meeting on January 12, the University has engaged the services of a consultant, Stan McKnight and Associates, based in California, to study our teaching faculty and administrative faculty salaries and compensation structures. This consultant group has worked extensively in the higher ed community throughout the country, including recent contracts for similar studies with the College of William and Mary and UVA.

This initiative was prompted by our need to be fully informed about equity, internally and externally as well as market competiveness. Our positions and salaries will be benchmarked against positions at other private and public liberal arts institutions that are similar in size, budget, student composition, and academic programs, that also have accredited business colleges or schools.

Here are documents relevant to the salary studies:

The goal is to come away from the study with a model salary design for each group that will inform hiring and salary progression for each teaching and administrative/professional faculty position. Results generated by the study will also inform our discussions regarding issues of salary compression, salary inversion, and the resource requirements and priorities required for addressing these issues.

To ensure that the studies are informed, transparent, inclusive, and responsive they are being guided by two representative steering committees, with the assistance of the Office of Human Resources.

The teaching faculty study is being overseen by:

Richard Finklestein, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Larry Penwell, Acting Dean, College of Business
Mary Gendernalik-Cooper, Dean, College of Education
Jane Huffman, Chair, Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations
Eric Gable, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Gladys Gomez, Department of Accounting and Information Systems
John Morello, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

The administrative/professional faculty study is being overseen by:

Tera Kovanes, Internal Auditor
Hall Cheshire, Information Technology
Carol Stevens, Office of Academic Services
Eric Gable, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Allyson Moerman, Administration and Finance
Marion Sanford, Student Affairs
Ken Steen, Advancement and University Relations
Mark Safferstone, Division of Professional Development and Regional Engagement (Internal Consultant)


If you have any questions about the study please contact your college or division representative on the appropriate steering committee or Sabrina Johnson at in the Office of Human Resources.