College of Business — Conference Travel and Publication Fees Supported by UMW

2014-15 CONFERENCES ATTENDED with UMW Financial Support Provided, William & Mary Tax Conference, Williamsburg, VA

  • Leigh Frackelton (attended for CEU credit), William & Mary Tax Conference, Williamsburg, VA
  • Belleh Fontem (“Capacity Management for a Risk-Averse Shipping Contractor under Demand and Supply Uncertainty”–paper), 27th Annual POMS Conference: Expanding POM research, teaching and practice to help organizations, society, economics, and the environment, Washington, DC
  • Dave Henderson (attended), AIS Educator’s Conference, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Mike Lapke (attended), Academy of Management—The Power of Words, Philadelphia, PA
  • Kashef Majid (“Value Dyamics in a Secondary Market: Advancing a Model for Product Line Valuation in the Secondary Marketing”–presentation), American Marketing Association, San Antonio, TX
  • Kashef Majid (“Firm Reputation as Liability, Product Reputation as Asset—A Study of New Product Recalls Over Time”—presentation), INFORMS Society for Marketing Science/37th ISMS Marketing Science Conference, Baltimore, MD
  • Nichole Phillips (“Estimating the Likelihood of Strategy Implementation Failure: An Exploration of Middle Managers”—paper), Eastern Academy of Management—Managing in a Global Economy XVI, Lima, Peru
  • Lou Martinette (“The Role of Innovation in the History of Commerce: Toward a College Course”) and Mukesh Srivastava (conference host), 2014 International Conference of the Association of Global Management Studies, London, England
  • Xiaofeng Zhao (“Analyzing the Time Buffer in the Theory of Constraints Based Lean Operations”), 2014 DSI Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL
  • Xiaofeng Zhao (“Estimating the Time Buffer Size for Different Customer Classes in Lean Supply Chain Operations”), International Trade and Academic Research Conference (ITARC), London, England

2014-15 SUBMISSION/PUBLICATION FEES Paid for College of Business Articles

  • $150 as a publication fee to Serial Publications Pvt. Ltd. for the Academy of Business & Retail Management, International Trade & Academic Research Conference (ITARC) London, UK