Charge to the Faculty Handbook Committee for 2010-11

The University Faculty Council established the following as the charge to the Faculty Handbook Advisory Committee:

A. Update the current 2010-11 University Faculty Handbook so that it may serve as a continuing handbook for the university’s instructional faculty.

B. Consider and take appropriate action regarding items left over as unfinished business by the 2009-10 Faculty Handbook Advisory Committee.

C. Thoroughly review the 2010-11 University Faculty Handbook and edit as appropriate to eliminate ambiguity and inconsistency in language.

D. Incorporate into appropriate Handbook language any handbook changes adopted by the University Faculty Council in 2010-11.

E. Deal with other handbook items as suggested by the UFC

F. Ensure that a revised Handbook is approved by the faculty and then submitted for final action by the Board of Visitors at the Board’s meeting on April 14-16, 2011.

See the membership of the Committee for 2010-11.