Week 1 Interactive Workshop FAQs

From: “Victoria Russell (vrussel3)” <vrussel3@umw.edu>
Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 12:36 PM
To: “Victoria Russell (vrussel3)” <vrussel3@umw.edu>
Cc: Digital Learning Support <dls@umw.edu>
Subject: Week 1 Interactive Workshop FAQs

Hi, everyone,

Thank you for the wonderful response to registration for the ReFocus Online Week 1 Interactive Workshop! We have 137 people signed up so far and are excited to see everyone on Monday afternoon.

We had a few common questions that we thought may best be addressed as an FAQ:

  • I had a hard time picking a session and now I want to change my selection. Can I do that?
    Yes. Email Victoria (vrussel3@umw.edu) and your selection can be changed.
  • Is there any way I can attend more than one session?
    Unfortunately, no. Three concurrent sessions will be offered during each workshop–you can only select one concurrent session to attend.
  • Can I access concurrent sessions that I do not attend?
    Yes. All sessions will be recorded and posted to the ReFocus Online website within a week (barring any technical difficulties).
  • Will any concurrent sessions repeat during the second round of ReFocus Online?
    The only sessions that will repeat during the second round of ReFocus Online (July 13-August 7) will be the Core Sessions. Core Sessions are the ‘intro/basics’ sessions designed for faculty who have never taught online before or whose only online experience was during remote teaching this past spring. All other sessions will be unique and offered by a UMW faculty or staff member.
  • How long will concurrent sessions last?
    For each workshop, all participants will join via a Zoom meeting link. We will have a 15-minute welcome and overview. After that time, participants will move into Zoom breakout rooms based on their requested concurrent session. Concurrent sessions will run for one hour. At the end of the concurrent sessions, we will all return to the main meeting room for wrap-up and next steps which lasts 15 minutes.
  • When will I receive the Zoom meeting link for the workshop?
    The meeting link will be sent to all participants by Saturday afternoon.
  • Does attending the interactive workshop OR watching it later meet the professional development requirement to teach a class online in the fall?
    Yes. You can attend via Zoom or watch the recordings at your convenience.

If you have any remaining questions (or new ones!), please reach out.

Victoria (with Jerry, Cartland, and Shannon)

Dr. Victoria Russell
Associate Director-Center for Teaching
Associate Professor-College of Education

University of Mary Washington

Twitter: @techtweed