Faculty Handbook Advisory Committee, 2009-10

Listed below are the names of the members who served on this Advisory Committee from October 2009 to April 2010 and were responsible for producing the Faculty Handbook for 2010-11.

• Smita Jain Oxford, Department of Business Administration

• James Harding, Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication

• Farhang Rouhani, Department of Geography

• Dale Wright, Department of Education

• Jo Tyler, Linguistics and Education, Graduate and Professional Studies

• Nina Mikhalevsky, Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

• Kimberly Kinsley, Leadership and Management, Graduate and Professional Studies

• Leanna Giancarlo, Department of Chemistry

• Gregg Stull, Department of Theatre and Dance

• Gail Brooks, Computer Information Systems, Graduate and Professional Studies

• Denis Nissim-Sabat, Department of Psychology

• John Morello, Associate Provost