Students As Research or Program Support

If the proposed project intends to hire students in research or program support roles, the hiring process must follow all the regulations required for all other student employment at UMW. Those regulations are available at

In planning a budget that will include student workers, be sure to add the University’s share of FICA (7.65% of the amount that the grant will pay the student worker) if the student will be doing the work in the summer (and not enrolled in classes simultaneously). If the student will be working on the project and enrolled in classes at the same time, FICA is not needed as a part of the grant budget. Also, keep in mind that any income earned by the student on the grant may affect that student’s eligibility for financial aid. The UMW Office of Financial Aid coordinates all student employment on campus and will advise students accordingly when they apply to be employed by the grant.

When hiring student workers on an external grant or contract, the project director becomes the student’s employment supervisor and, as such, is required to comply with all of UMW’s established requirements for the supervision of student employees. These requirements are available at