External Funding Cover Sheet and Checklist


Make sure you use the current form (revised in 2017) to submit your proposed project. This form is available below.

The cover sheet is a Microsoft Word document (.docx) that you can edit and save. The cover sheet must still be submitted in hard copy, with signatures.

Download external-funding-proposal-cover-sheet-2017

Print a copy of the form, sign as required, and submit with your proposal description and budget to: John Morello, Office of the Provost, George Washington Hall, 309. Print a copy of the cover sheet for your records.


Make sure you submit a copy of the checklist with the cover sheet and attachments for proposed project. This form is available below.

Download checklist_external_funding_umw-2016

The checklist is also a Microsoft Word document (.docx), enabling you to save changes to it. Like the cover sheet,it must be submitted in hard copy with signatures.