Materials Purchases

Whenever grant funds are used to purchase any materials used on an externally-funded grant project made with UMW grant funds (such as software, books, DVDs, supplies and the like), those materials become the property of the University of Mary Washington. They have been purchased with funds that have been conveyed to the University for use on a specific project and, as such, are not the personal property of the researcher but are the property of the University. These items are not to be retained by the researcher but are instead to be turned over to the University when the grant project is completed. Contact John Morello (Office of the Provost, GW Hall 309, x:1269) for instructions regarding the appropriate disposition of any items purchased with external grant funds that will have a useable life after the completion of the grant-funded project.

All purchases of goods and services must follow Commonwealth and University regulations, such as using mandatory sources and observing bidding requirements. Contact Procurement Services (extension 1127) for an explanation of the proper procedures.

Should a faculty member choose to leave UMW prior to the conclusion of a sponsored project, and seek to transfer this project and its materials to a new institution, the faculty member must contact both the grant sponsor and the John Morello (Office of the Provost, GW Hall 309, x:1269) in order to determine if such a transfer is possible, and under which conditions. Typically, the granting entity will terminate the existing award and then issue an award to the new institution. Approval of a request to transfer materials already purchased through the grant will be dependent upon the nature of the ownership of the item (whether or not it became a UMW fixed asset or title to it was retained by the granting entity).