Natural sciences individual research policy

From: Andrew Dolby (adolby)
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2020 2:30 PM
To: Nina Mikhalevsky (nmik) <>
Cc: Lynn Lewis (llewis) <>; Leanna Giancarlo (lgiancar) <>; Jodie Hayob (jhayob) <>
Subject: Individual student research policy through April 5

The natural sciences department chairs and I met remotely at 1:30 today. We developed the policy below:

  1. Individual laboratory research for students majoring in natural sciences disciplines may continue on anoptional basis until April 5 (until further notice).
  2. Only students on the approved Jepson after-hours access list may work in Jepson labs during this period.
  3. For EESC and biology majors, at least one faculty member from the student’s department must be present in the building while they are conducting research (need not be the student’s assigned mentor). For chemistry, biochemistry and physics majors only, the supervising faculty membermust be the student’s mentor (students and faculty must mutually agree).
  4. Faculty are encouraged to be flexible and prioritize students who are scheduled to complete their degree programs in May.
  5. Faculty are also encouraged to allow students to switch to literature-based work if feasible.
  6. If research must be curtailed, grade assignments for individual research credits are up the discretion of individual sponsoring faculty.



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