IRB Training

  1.  Go to CITI Program
  2. Click on “Register for CITI Course”
  3. Go to “All Others” and from the dropdown menu select University of Mary Washington
  4. Fill in Username and Password
  5. Complete “CITI Registration Page”
    • From the “Which course do you plan to take?” dropdown menu select Social & Behavioral or Biomedical, as appropriate.
    • From the “Role in Human Subjects Research” dropdown menu select designation most appropriate for you (i.e., Principal Investigators, IRB Members, Co-Investigator, Student Researcher)
  6. On “Select Group” page, click on same designation chosen in Step 5 above
  7. On “Learner’s Menu” page, select CITI Basic Course
  8. On “Grade Book” page, select  Introduction
  9. Take quiz after completing each of the Required Modules.