Sabbaticals Awarded for 2016-17

Eric Bonds, Associate Professor of Sociology
Project: The Environment Basses Abroad: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Department of Defense Environmental Policies at Overseas Installations.  (Fall 2017)

Wei Chen, Associate Professor of Management
Project: Research on institutional logics, organization structural change, and technology transfers between the public research sector and the private business sectors.  (Academic Year 2017-18)

Nora Kim, Associate Professor of Sociology
Project: Guardians at the Gate or Gatekeepers of a Nation? Immigration Lawyers and the Politics of Citizenship in South Korea. (Spring 2018)

Janusz Konieczny, Professor of Mathematics
Project: Maximal Commutative Subsemigroups of a Semigroup.  (Fall 2017)

Jennifer Mailloux, Professor of Psychology
Project: Interception and Its Relationship to Eating Disordered Behavior and Related Variables.  (Fall 2017)

Laura Mentore, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Project: Forest of Strangers: Ecological Imaging’s and Transitions in an Amazonian Frontier.  (Spring 2018)

Joseph Romero, Professor of Classics
Project: Homer’s City: Literature and the Philosophers in Hellenistic Poetry.  (Spring 2018; award deferred from the 2016-17 academic year)

Ranjit Singh, Associate Professor of Political Science
Project:  Private Landowners’ Attitudes towards Land Conservation in Stafford County, VA.  (Spring 2018)

Michael Spencer, Associate Professor of Historic Preservation
Project:  Designing Mary Washington: The Legacy of Charles M. Robinson on Virginia’s Female Institutions of Higher Learning. (Fall 2017)

Danny Tweedy, Associate Professor of English
Project: Behind the Protests: Imagining Afrotopia-violence and catharsis of 1960s Radical Black Fiction.  (Fall 2017)

Debbie Zies, Associate Professor of Biology
Project:   Establishing a Student-Centered Approach to Undergraduate Biology Education (Fall 2017)