UMW Strategic Plan

Download the Strategic Plan: umw_strategic_plan_11-20-2009

Download Strategic Plan Appendices– the focused “Discussion Group” reports


The University of Mary Washington Strategic Plan provides a vision for the University we aspire to be. It is an expression of our institutional values and mission, and identifies strategic goals and objectives for grounding our decisions, guiding our resource allocations, directing our efforts, and determining our progress over the next five to eight years. Our plan draws from the imagination, creativity, knowledge, and experience of the UMW community, and it is responsive to the direction set by the leadership of the institution, our President and Board of Visitors. This plan also takes into account our ongoing obligations to the Commonwealth of Virginia and the necessary preparation for our next Southern Association of Colleges, and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACS) review. Thus, the strategic plan has been developed in a context of four areas:

Our vision, institutional values, strategic goals
We must ensure that the strategic plan implements our vision and core values, identifies and builds on our strengths, and anticipates and meets the needs of our future students, the region, and the nation.
Our public mission and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)
We must realize and meet our responsibility as a public institution and further the state’s higher education goals. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia’s 2007-2013 SCHEV Strategic Plan: Access, Alignment, Investment, offers specific goals for higher education in Virginia and the University of Mary Washington must do its part to advance these state-wide goals. In addition, UMW is expected to meet annual state Institutional Performance Standards (IPS) to achieve certification from SCHEV. The goals of our strategic plan must align with our performance standards and statewide goals.
Our accreditation and the Southern Association of College and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACS)
The University of Mary Washington is a SACS master’s level III institution. The strategic plan must enable us to meet the expectations of SACS, our accreditation body. The University’s next SACS visit will be in the spring of 2013; our plan must have objectives that will address SACS requirements in addition to our other objectives.
Our University leadership
The strategic plan must take into account the Board of Visitors’ charge to the President to set a future course for the University of Mary Washington. The President, working with the BOV, presented her vision and recommended a set of major initiatives in November 2008. That vision was of a premier, public, national university, which attracts high-caliber students and is noted for its strong emphasis on the undergraduate liberal arts and sciences, opportunities for research and study abroad, leadership development, and increased service to the northern Virginia region.


President Judy Hample initiated the strategic planning process in a university-wide speech on November 17, 2008. In December, Dr. Hample appointed a Steering Committee with members from the faculty (both elected and appointed), staff, students, and an alumna, and charged the committee to lead a planning process that would bring a plan to the Board of Visitors for approval by November 2009. The Steering Committee established a public website for the process and kept the UMW community informed of all planning activities by regularly posting documents, meeting minutes, updating information, encouraging posted or emailed comments, and sending out regular broadcast email communications. The Steering Committee created fourteen discussion groups focused on a wide-range of areas, groups composed of faculty, staff, students, and in some cases, members of the broader UMW and regional community. The discussion groups worked through the spring 2009 semester and in April, each group submitted a final report with recommendations to the Steering Committee (see Appendix for all reports). In June, the Steering Committee used the reports of all the discussion groups as well as all comments and feedback the committee had received to generate the first working draft of the strategic plan. The first draft thus represented the input and participation of hundreds of members of the UMW community as well as alumni.

In June, the Steering Committee conducted a planning retreat. Also participating in the retreat were President Judy Hample and two members of the Board of Visitors. After the retreat, a draft of the plan was shared with all UMW faculty and staff, the Board of Visitors, and the University of Mary Washington Foundation Board. On July 17, the Steering Committee met with the BOV to discuss the draft plan. On August 28, the committee published the next working draft for all faculty, staff, and students. In September, the committee held three community-wide open meetings as well as meetings with
staff, faculty, and student groups. Incorporating this final feedback, the committee submitted the plan to President Hample in October. On November 20, 2009, the strategic plan was approved by the UMW Board of Visitors.



  • Nina Mikhalevsky, Professor of Philosophy

Faculty Members

  • Tracy Citeroni, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Steve Hanna, Professor of Geography, Chair of the Geography Department
  • Doug Holcombe, Associate Professor of Leadership and Management, President of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies Academic Council
  • Norah Hooper, Associate Professor of Education
  • Jeff McClurken, Associate Professor of History and American Studies, Chair of the History and American Studies Department
  • Larry Penwell, Professor of Business Administration
  • Mary Rigsby, Professor of English, President, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate
  • Marie Sheckels, Professor of Mathematics, Chair of the Education Department
  • Gregg Stull, Professor of Theatre, Chair of the Theatre and Dance Department
  • Craig Vasey, Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Classics, Philosophy and Religion Department
  • Werner Wieland, Professor of Biological Sciences, Chair of the Biology Department


  • K. Sue Bridi, Class of 1981, President of the UMW Alumni Association


  • Sean O’Brien, Class of 2009 (through May 2009)
  • Samantha Miller, Class of 2010

Staff Members

  • Anna Billingsley, Director of Publications and Design
  • Dana German, Executive Director of Data Management (through May 2009)
  • Sabrina Johnson, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Affirmative Action
  • Rick Pearce, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Cedric Rucker, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Kenneth L. Steen, Associate Vice President for University Development