Two-Page Proposal Process

The first round of “two-page proposals” were submitted and reviewed in February 2014 (see below for the details of the process followed last time). There will be a call for a second round of two-page proposals sometime in the fall of 2014 to help identify potential projects that the firm of McAllister and Quinn will help develop for submission to granting agencies in 2015.

The next call for proposals will be announced by email to all faculty and staff when the process is ready to commence. As was true the last time, all submitted two-page proposals that are not selected as one that McAllister and Quinn will develop will receive input regarding possible grant opportunities that the proposer could follow up on their own.


McAllister and Quinn is a government relations and higher education consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC. They specialize in providing appropriations lobbying and consulting on federal grants. They have extensive expertise and a track record in representing over 40 higher education institutions (such as Bucknell University and St. Mary’s College of Maryland) and UMW is now one of their clients.

As an initial step in their work with us, the firm is interested in receiving two-page proposals from faculty and staff about projects that might be suitable for external funding. Use this two-page proposal template for submitting your idea. The deadline is Friday, February 21, 2014. Send completed two-page proposals to John Morello (send them as a file attachment).

After initial review at UMW, proposals will be forwarded to McAllister and Quinn for their examination and recommendations. One of two results will happen at that point:

• Submitted proposals that seem to have strongest potential will be identified as possible candidates for being one of the four projects that the McAllister and Quinn grant writing staff will help UMW get into final form for submission. UMW’s Cabinet will make the determination about the proposals that will be selected for the full workup by McAllister and Quinn staff.

• ALL other submitted two-page proposals forwarded to McAllister and Quinn will receive input regarding possible grant opportunities that the proposer could follow up on their own. Since one of the big challenges when trying to apply for external funding is to locate grant offerings that are a good match for the proposal, input from McAllister and Quinn will be an invaluable step in helping one to get started in working up a proposal.

Contact John Morello (call x:1269 or email to if you have questions about the two-page proposal process.

Please note that any proposals eventually submitted for external funding will still need to go through the UMW prior approval process BEFORE the proposal is submitted. Please note the steps in that process as they are outlined here. The timing of when those steps occur for the four projects that McAllister and Quinn will help UMW write will obviously be a bit different.