Approval Process for External Grants

The Steps for Submitting an Application for External Funding

This internal review process applies in all cases where a UMW employee (faculty member, staff member, or administrator) seeks to make an application to receive funding for a project from an external source — a government grant, foundation grant, contract, subcontract, etc. These procedures should be followed in all cases, including instances where UMW persons are involved as collaborators on a grant project being submitted by another institution.

FIRST, a faculty member should obtain permission from both her/his department chair and academic (college) dean to pursue the research or special program in question. Notify the department chair and college dean before proceeding to step 2. Staff members should obtain permission from their immediate supervisor before proceeding to step 2.

SECOND, make initial contact with John Morello, Provost’s Office, to indicate that you are planning to submit a proposal to an external funding source. You may call (654-1269) or email to make this initial contact. The purpose of this step is to indicate that you are interested in pursuing an application, and it puts the office on notice about your intentions so that your application process may be effectively supported. Please make this initial contact as soon as it is feasible for you to do so, and before the “deadline dates” indicated below. If there is any reason why you should not proceed with your intended project, or if additional information is required about the project you are pursuing, you will be notified at the initial contact step.


  • In order to be cleared to submit the proposal, you must complete the External Grant Cover Sheet, available from this website, and submit it with the required attachments: (1) project narrative, (2) budget outline, and (3) the completed External Grants Checklist. The cover sheet was revised on January 14, 2013, and the checklist was revised on March 19, 2012 — be sure to use the current forms. Both are Microsoft Word forms that you can copy to your computer, input the necessary information, and save the changes (so that you will have a record of these documents on your computer).
  • Send all materials to John Morello, Provost’s Office. Because the cover sheet and checklist require signatures, submit all documents and attachments in hard copy.
  • Submit these materials at least one week before the online submission deadline (if the grant is to be submitted electronically), or two weeks before a “received by” deadline (if the application is to be mailed). Be sure that both the principal investigator and supervisor/department chair have signed the cover sheet before you submit it. The principal investigator signs the external grants checklist.
  • When the proposal is under review, you will be notified about any changes recommended or required before it is submitted. Once the proposal receives all required approvals, it will be cleared for submission. In most cases, with the exception of those grants that must be submitted by the Authorized Organizational Representation (AOR), the principal investigator/project director is responsible for submitting the proposal. In the case of National Science Foundation grants, or most federal grants that must be submitted via, John Morello (the UMW AOR) will submit them.

FOURTH, stay in touch while the proposal is under review. If the proposal is funded, or if you receive other written notification from the funder, please send a copy of the award notification to John Morello. If the project is rejected, contact John Morello so that the application file may be closed.

FIFTH, understand the fund management and reporting responsibilities (should the grant be funded). After receiving a grant award, the project director will be contacted by the Office of Business and Finance regarding specific procedures required to set up the accounting procedures required to administer and support the grant.

The grant project director is responsible for completing all substantive project reporting that the funding organization may require. For financial reporting, the project director is expected to work closely with John Morello and Marta Smith (UMW Accounting) to ensure that all required financial reports are submitted accurately and in a timely fashion.

Contact John Morello, Provost’s Office, if you have questions about any of these procedures.